ECRG 2004 Picture
       Tiny Thrasher Posing for a picture at the recent Eastern Canadian Robot Games in November.

Sumo Robotic Combat
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March 22 2004 - ** 5 DAYS **


Just a few days left and I'm still trying to finish up the wiring. Soon I hope.


March 18 2004 - ** LESS THAN 2 WEEKS **


We've got just under 2 weeks left until the OCAD 2004 Competition. Everybody and anybody should be there! As for Innuendo, the body and frame is complete, I'm just working on the wiring now. I made a custom controller. Went down to RAT SHACK (radio shack) and picked up switches, a controller box and some other fixins. I plan on having everything complete by Tuesday!


February 12 2004 - ** NEW PICS AND A VID! **


Just over a month left until the 2004 OCAD Competition. I do have some great news about 2 things. The first is that I'm almost done Innuendo! All that's left is putting on the armor and re-covering the wheels in silicon rubber. New pics are up in the Innuendo section as well as a video of Innuendo lifting 110lbs. The second thing is that I managed to pick up a powerchair for FREE. Special thanks goes out to Bob for hookin me up with this great deal. It's an Orthofab Targa Series powerchair. It has two 24V Leroy-Somer motors. They're geared down 10:1 and additional gearing with spur gears. After having my fun driving it around, I finally decided to take it apart. You can find pictures of it in the Apocalypse section. I've also made some business cards which I will be handing out at the competition.



January 26 2004


The OCAD competition has been scheduled for Saturday March 27, 2004 @ The Ontario Science Centre. It'll go from approximately 10am until 4:30pm. If you have nothing to do and you're in the region, I strongly suggest coming out to support these roboteers. Registration and rules sheets may be obtained from Denise Gagnon, Faculty of Art office, OCAD, Room 315, 100 McCaul Street, Toronto ON, or from the official website HERE



December 11 2003

Well, being in college really takes up time from robot building. But I'm back and will be updating regularly. Innuendo (OCAD Sumo Clever Class Competitor) is in the makin as we speak. It will be competing in the 2003 competition in March. Take a look around the site, did a little bit of changing around. Hope you like it!



July 4 2002

It's official! Toronto now has its own robot fighting club. It's being run by battleboteer Erik Hagman. For more info, visit!


April 27 2002

OCAD is coming up on May 4! I'm just doing the finishing touches on my bot and I hope to see everyone there!


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